Whats Kruti:

Kruti aims at encouraging fun, joy, art, and creativity in the society with an overall objective of empowering the economically marginalized section of the society.

Kruti is registered as a trust under the Indian trust Act -1882 with the following objectives :

(a) To create an environment of joy and enthusiasm for each and everyone to explore their inner self and express their passion through creation of world-class art in multifarious forms.

(b) To establish, maintain and run Schools, Colleges and Institutions; conduct vocational/regular courses, workshops, seminars, and symposium to achieve objective a.

(c) To hold events, shows, exhibitions to promote world-class art and creativity, created by people who participate in Kruti activities.

(d) Building egalitarian society through creativity, art, culture, education, and humanitarian activities.

(e) To usher a realm where each and everyone participates in and executes Kruti operations from the domain of integrity, responsibility and accountability.

(f) To establish alliances with organizations of similar interest and build up ties with renowned institutions, museums and promoters of art.

(g) To acquire and maintain movable and immovable properties for achieving the said objects.

(h) To create opportunities of revenue generation for self-sustainability and running of Kruti operations.

In the past, Kruti has organized diverse projects which ushers creativity amongst individuals. This includes hobby classes, chess classes, theatre and movie making. The projects so far completed have been done with the children in Gurappanpalya slum at Bannergatta Road, Bangalore. More details of the projects run can be found at 'Projects So Far

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